Scour Pills (Cowboy Poetry)

I had four calves,
closed up in a pen
They all had scours,
an shitin like sin
Doc gave me some pills,
he said would fix’em
Give them one to each,
he said with a grin

Given pills generally,
aint all that hard
Like shuffle the deck,
and pull out a card
I loaded the pill tube,
n put the rest in my mouth
Slid thru the gate along,
the fence on the south

I picked out one,
as he backed in the corner.
He stared me down,
like he was a goner.
He shot forward hitting me,
where I can’t mention.
And I lost all focus and,
it distracted my attention.

I felt something stuck,
all down in my throat .
I choked and coughed,
like an ole billy goat.
There wasn’t any chance,
them pills was cumin up.
So swallowed hard,
and felt ‘em drop in my gut.

I stood there ponderin,
on what jis took place.
I musta had,
quite a look on my face.
As my son said,
what the heck is the matter?
I explained a little,
and couldn’t be sadder.

He broke out laughin,
and fell to the ground.
I stood there watchin,
not makin a sound.
See each one of them pills,
will fix a 100lbs calf.
There was three in my teeth,
now You do the math!

I didn’t have scours,
I was doing jis fine
But knew I wouldn’t be,
jis a matter of time.
We went on our way,
never gave it much thought
Then two days later,
a sittin on the pot.

Sweatin bullets from hell,
No doubt why I was sick
Everthing I had eaten,
been turned to a brick.
One thing I have learned,
you can place your bet.
Them little ole calves,
bought me some respect!

Buck Hedges copyright, May 14th 2012

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