Scream a Little Scream for me

Scars blinding sight in love too,
slight bruises deem to fester above you.
Words ringing from the metaphor threes,
scream a little scream for me.

Pray, lithely lithe, don't miss glee.
Lust fold me right and fell thee of christening.
Vile, I'm unknown and through with all ye,
scream a little scream for me.

Spars ailing 'til I give her one tear;
kill claiming more bliss.
Crime wronging the singer 'til sawn clear,
gust spraying mist.

Greet screams 'til bloodstreams bind you.
Greet screams that grieve the bodies enshrined few.
Cut in more screams abider of me,
scream a little scream for me.

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