Scream Scream Scream

A deathly whisper is heard in the cold dark night
Chills among chills an endless sight.
A voice so soft, that carries through air
Chitter and chatter delivers in fear.
Who is talking when there's no one around?
The wind can't sing, or make a sound.
When the sun falls the moon comes out
A sound is heard that spooks the house
Three A.M. a bump is heard on the wall
A touch on the shoulder but no fingers at all
What is in the house that is so frightening
It doesn't help that outside there's lightening.
For moments of fright, the clock just ticks
Tocks and ticks, tocks and ticks.
"Who's in my house?" Asks the voice that haunts
Lights go out, followed by the smell of rot.
"Follow me or you will bleed,"
For pleasure the ghost wanted to see.
It got cold, colder than winter
It wasn't long before the demons would get her
Screams of mercy aren't heard out of the walls
Running through darkness, with no one to call
Down the hall into the bathroom the doors she locked.
In the mirror she looked, but nothing she saw.
Was she alive or is this all just a dream?
No wonder why she couldn't hear herself scream.

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