There it is, way deep down,
In my loins,
Teeming passion
Boiling upward, to my belly,
Reaching the pit of my stomach, tightly tied in knots.
From there,
Surging up my esophagus/windpipe,
Making me feel sick, gasping for breath
Running, dashing headlong
There at the back of my throat,
The scream surge intersects the brains message.
The two intertwine and merge to become
Forceful, powerful, ferocious, etc.,
And together force its way
Outward, explosively.
A scream, bloodcurdling.
A scream, deafening.
A scream, attention getting.
A scream, head turning.
A scream, imploding instead.
Tumbling down from the heights,
Falling back as ordered.
A scream, silent,
Deafening silence
Hear it? See it?

December 15, 2013

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