Screaming Redemption

everything about him screamed salvation, brilliant salvation
there was no moon, no need,
for when the stars revealed the world all that remained was my love
it was not enough
little windows peering into what the night could hold,
like bittersweet sunsets haunting my soul
take the breath from my lungs,
plunge my heart into the ocean
in his voice, I heard no more emotion
tired and worn he settles the score
throwing away love that was left
abandoned, confused, left to guess
lies had caught up to me
karma claimed her victory
bathed in regret,
an unfillable debt,
grasping what was left of salvation: nonexistent salvation
the passion felt faded
he didn't need to say it
screaming redemption: begging to be forgiven
he didn't fail, he was never my salvation
my brilliant salvation from the world
failure was mine, alone
even though his perfection never leaves my thoughts
I sleep tight each night with the hope that he will find
the only words that can bring peace to my mind

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