screen Guarded Heart

By Ra   

You stare at me
Beyond the cracks on my screen
A screen gaurd does little
When the emotions are from within

Your cold gaze Burns into my soul
No matter how strong my shells are
You never fail to burn in holes

You stare at me
Beyond the cracks on my screen
Hurt by 1s and 0s
This pain is obscene

If I'd known binary could crack hearts
Going 6 feet under isn't unattractive
Though I'd settle for staying far apart

A web of webs of lies is where I reside
Tangled in my own string of thoughts
Is how is prefer to meet my demise

Yet you keep coming back again and again
The pain doesn't lessen knowing you'll leave again
Yet I'm still happy knowing your mine again

There are limits, my friend says
To how unhealthy a relationship can get
I'm sure there is, so my goal? That limit I will break

I must sound stupid, saying things like these
But if Romeo and Juliet's ("unhealthy" relationship) can be glorified, then why not mine?

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This Poems Story

Well I mean, I was in this long distance relationship, and it was toxic... And that's about it