Screw Love

The game is love, the prize is pain
The boys are the players, the girls are insane
We believe the douchbags and ditch the nice guys
We think we are in love, but damn, it's all lies
What the hell are we thinking, falling in love
I guess we are thinking he's a gift from above
Open your eyes sweetie, close down your heart
He's only here for a minute to tear you apart
He'll leave in hurry, blame it on you
Don't fall for it darling, if only you knew
Knew he was cheating, knew all his tricks
Maybe just maybe you wouldn't fall for pricks
Don't run to mom crying, she won't help you at all
She'll laugh in your face as you continue to fall
Fall into depression, all caused by him
You think the unthinkable, that single sin
You know it's not worth it, you just cannot die
So instead you replace him by simply staying high
Your friends all turn away and leave you alone
To cry in the rain, to stare at your phone
Cheer up princess he's not worth your tears
He's not worth the pain you went through for years
Your tiara is falling, your fake beauty has ran
You say you can't, but I know you can

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