Scriptures of love!

Today, is the day, that, the lord, has made, let us rejoice, and be glad, in it! It's only, because, of him, that we, exist! His love, is forever! He blesses, the nations, with, the flick, of, his wrist! He heals, the sick, and raises, the dead! He gives, us peace, and keeps, us fed! He loves, our children, because, were, his own! He grants, us, long life, and, a mind, to do, right! He conquers, our enemies, without, a fight! He never, fails, he cannot, lose! His mind, gives us, laws, and keeps, us, from living, rude! Bless him, in the morning! Bless him, at night! Bless him, through troubles! Bless him, inspite! Keep, his mercy, front, in your, heart! Remember, his statues, and live, closer, to his, smarts! Spend, your days, deep, in his, word! You will, overcome, all troubles, your voice, will be, heard! Your kids, shall, love you! They will, speak, of your, truths! Your parents, shall value, you! The angels, won't move! They, will sit, on your, doorsteps! They will, guard you, at night! They shall, keep you, from danger, and, rescue you, with might! The world, even, will see, your grace! They will, ask you, for guidance, and provide, you, with fame! Faith, shall follow, you! Wisdom, shall speak! Love shall, live, with you, and, eternal life, you'll see! Rivers, of milk, and streets, of gold! This, is your, reward, when you, trust, in the, lord!
By©Devon Bates2017

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