Culture in this world is a beautiful trap.
It can be ugly, if you dont adapt.
Society has taught us to follow their lead.
In America were taught to wrap ourselves with money and greed.
The more we have the happier we will be.
That doesnt sit well with me.
Women in China don't get to choose who to be.
Its like a rose being told its an oak tree.
Dress like this, do this chore, hold my door, sweep the floor.
The culture in Africa is more accepted.
Their people are loyal to their culture and very protective.
They seem to easily adapt to changing their way.
If you have a suggestion they will listen to what you say.
Culture is different everywhere you go.
Go and experience the variety of culture so that you can grow.
All of our music, religion, and arts are a product of our culture.
We are the clay and our ancestors formed us as a sculpture.
You may not feel like you belong.
Seeking a different culture is never wrong.
Get out of your comfort zone and search for your culture.
Do you really want to live life as an ordinary sculpture?

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