My mood is sculpted by you
The master with a chisel
You, your name that slides off my tongue in syllables I wish I could forget
I do it all for you for the look you might shoot my way
I do it for the way I love you even if I wish I didn't
You cut me out of the page with your sharp scissors
But I never knew how many other people were cut from those same scissors
From the same cloth that I hate about myself
You made me this way you handpicked me
Manipulated me into this monster with a twisted grin
They say time fixes everything but the past still hurts
Holding onto me with bloody claws
I thought you were to heal my wounds but little did I know you would great new ones
Deeper ones than I thought possible
I try to save you to keep you with me but you don't want to be saved and that hurts worse off all
I find it funny you taught me how to love but you could never do it yourself
I try to hold on but nothing I do is for myself
Little did I know I am the claws clinging to the broken promises and smashed up dreams and wishes
You the master with the chisel and scissors will never understand but in the end, I can't understand myself
I just wished you did…

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