Sea-Foam Eyes

I'm lost at sea,
eternally floating on an endless pool of water;
it carries me like the distant clouds
as I slowly drift away from land,
its feathery current guiding my ankles
and caressing my head.

The sea hums a soft lullaby,
but under its surface there is a pulse,
growing steady and stronger
until a wave of warm, sea-foam green washes over me,
beckoning me to dive under,
deep into the twilight zone
so that I will never see land again,
never be reminded of my prison of sand,
never remember a time without the water's embrace.

The sea is said to be teeming with life,
opening up an infinity of possibilities
as soon as we step off land and become lost.
I see this infinity whenever your eyes look into mine,
and I find a piece of myself
in their twinkle and their specks of blue:
a me that can breathe,
breathe right next to you.

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