Sea Nuptials

The night was fashionably late as it finally arrived
dressed up in its finest satiny black evening sky
accessories included a billion shimmering stars and a huge
pendant-shaped full moon hanging over an ocean of soft curly waves
being gently rolled towards a shore of
moon-polished wedding-white sand

distant porch wind chimes being breezily strummed
blended with the sexy croon of
a jazz-playing saxophone giving our evening a romantic rendition
and heightening the scent of a recent marriage
between springtime wildflowers and lunar-grown jasmine

it was there
seated between wind dueling palm trees in your dad's 57 Chevy
as a well-groomed universe
moved past us with the stealth of a large black cat
it's one silver orb staring down and being continually
orbited by a generous sprinkling of five-pointed stars
which became the only witness to know when I
looked into your eyes and knew for the first time
that I loved you.

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