Sea of Dreams

I saw you in our kitchen
We put away the dishes, made coffee and talked
Until the sun sat upon the horizon.
We left to shop for tomorrow, our dog
And returned to fill our longing.
You laughed when I told you I was difficult.
You picked me up and laughed as to say that was silly
Because I was perfection.
Waking in your arms you kissed me your body pressing against me.
And later I made your breakfast of love 'til work called us apart.
And we folded our laughter into our hearts to hold us 'til lunch
When we could fill each other's longing again.

Suddenly awakened by the sun I found you were only a dream,
And I lay alone in shallow solitude
Stilled by the silence of my lone beating heart.
I waited with longing for the stars arch above me again,
Where I could find you slip in my nights
To unlock my austere silence in moon drenched skies
Safe. Seductive. Secret. in our long dreamy night.

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