Search for a Pairing

How do you find it?
The eternal souls, that pair and never part,
A fearless capture,
That fills your lungs with rose petals and your eyes with dew,
Over the beauty you've found in someone,
Someone you love straight through.

And oh, does even such a romance exist?
Was it ever tangible at all?
Or is it an idea?
An idea adopted by poets and filmmakers,
An idea we all covet all too dearly?

Is romance actually the shrill cry of a phone waking you in a start,
And not a comforting buzz that wraps you in subtly sweet goodnights?

Is romance actually a kiss that stings your lips,
And not a sweet one -- not that sweetness that makes your heart ache with desire?

What is romance?
Is it different for everyone?
And how, oh how, do we find it?

Then, a voice whispered,
"You don't. It finds you."

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