Search for purity

Banished by his own body
A abandoned soul was
Searching for purity
To quench his thirst.

He searches depth in shallow water.
He seeks for others but only sees
His reflection ,abandoned by his own body
He sheds dreadful drops of pearl
And leaves a mark on water where he goes.

He glance at mirror which manifests his past ,
As he don’t have a future to wait for
Nor a present to live in, he just
Roams , breaking the boundaries of man
And enjoying the bounties of nature
Not like a marionette but like a marquess,all free.

As he knew that he was not abandoned
As the anchor between body and soul
That is character, was lost and without
An anchor the soul was
All set to leave the filthy body
Filled with pide faced blood
Which distorts everytime
And live free with purity.

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