The static air clings to me
Like electricity, it runs through me
Please make these photos stop talking
They are too many voices, too much sadness
I guess the engine won't turn
Can't we stay just one more night?
I feel it in my heart and head
Like a puppet, I feel the strings tug softly
So I'll follow them down, down deep
Is the water rising, or am I sinking?
When the time comes, will I remember how to breathe?
No...I feel fine, but why are we here?
That bold red cross, I can smell the sickness
Wheelchairs roll by, pushed by invisible hands
This doesn't feel right, this is not my place
But where are we now? I can smell the forest
The sound of water against the rock
The wet smell of dirt and fog
This is it, my place in a silent heaven
The leader I follow turns to me now
His skin blood red, his knife unending
He turns to me and sets me down
My sins abolished, my rest I've found

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