Searching For A Resolution


My thoughts are bombarding my mind
Probing and hoping to find
A resolution
I'm on a mission
Wondering what if I die
Was my footprints deep enough
To imprint my mark in life
When I shut my eyes
Am I worthy enough to take my rise
This roller coaster ride
A convulsion of palpitations
A supernatural virtue
My way of bidding adieu
My weakness is evident
Needing the strength that heaven sent
So many broken pieces
Mold into life's convas
A masterpiece of brokenness
The perfect combination
Trials and tribulations
Gasping for my next breath
Trying to understand this concept
My heart has endured
Family lies
Lives deep inside
The underlying reasons of why I cry
My eyes are heavy
I'm slowly growing weary
Deep in my soul lives a secret diary
A sea of imperfections
No sense of direction
Essential to find new horizons
My quest before I say goodbye
Where do I commence
This journey of freedom
Yesterday is gone
Today is here
Tomorrow is not promised
100's of yards
My soul has been starved
Unable to think
Feeling restless
Time needs to freeze
My mind need to release
I need to forgive
The things that happened when I was a kid
This burden has gotten to heavy to bear
But, this journey is mine
I will not be defined
By life series of blights
Struggling to make all my wrongs right
Realizing together
Don't necessarily mean forever
At every ending
Lives a beginning
There's a division
Between my heart and soul
The time is here
Anxiety disguised as fear
My fight is losing momentum
This adventure I'm not accustom
This is all overwhelming
My thoughts are bombarding my mind
Probing and hoping to find
A resolution

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This Poems Story

This poem reflects a particular journey in my life. A journey of me saying goodbye to the old me and searching for the new.