Searching for locks, keys, and dreams

He has no more, just falls onto the floor, takes the pounding blame, doesn't run from all the shame, he is a walking scapegoat, his heart surrounded by a moat, he barbed the fence around it, never sending out the boat, affection was forbidden, hate was all they got, not that he despised them, he just hated what they got, that they had easy lives, while he always did not, his trust lay shattered and broken, his soul was bruised and bent, and never did they ever, try to pull the dents, they never tried to fix him, assumed that what he was, was what they got, and never did they think that he was all the things he's not. He always seemed too dangerous, too prideful to have a spot, and in his hidden pain, in his heart, he began to rot. Like a fruit left unrefrigerated, and raw meat left uncooked, they never could ever read him, like an glued shut book. He longed to break the walls down, not hurt what he wants to have, and he longed to give how they gave, he longed to be saved. Then one day it happened, he met the certain one, the one who sent the boat out, her name danced across his tongue, In a simplistic view of it, they'd call this one true love, but in reality, it was that he had found his other glove, because while he had made a fortress, she had made a broken key, trying to be nicer and fill others with glee, it's difficult to be wanted, when she hates herself so much, but now she could be wanted, by one who loves her a bunch, and so this ends the story, of the fortress and the broken key, and now that you read this, I hope that you will see, that no wall is unbreachable, and none will ever be, and don't be afraid to search because every lock DOES have a key, and it may not be too easy, and the path may be filled with hurt, but you will find what you're looking for, just get out, give a little lurch, perhaps the one is down the street, past that tall white birch? Now if you start looking, I know that you will see, that if you have a dream you wanted to reach, then live a little, hit the stage and drop a speech their way.

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Just a little thing I wrote about how love and dreams are kindred spirits