Seas of Doubt

A sailor is sailing
on the rough seas.

It is raining heavily.
Water is pouring over
the bow of the ship.
The strong wind tears
At the sails.

The sailor is trying mightily
to keep his ship afloat.

Heavy wind and rain
continues to batter the ship.

The sailor who does
not normally surrender feels
he is fighting a losing battle.

The wind and rain
have become so fierce
the wind has torn
several sail and the
rain water has flooded
the deck.

The sailor has become desperate.
Should he give up
and allow the ocean
to swallow him up
where he will sink
to the bottom and
lay for eternity?
or should he sail
on in search for
a better tomorrow?

Horrid weather conditions
still have not ceased.

The sailor is now doubtful
that he will survive
the maelstrom.

The severe weather conditions
have severely damaged the ship.
It begins to sink.

Chance of survival
for the sailor
is slim.
He considers allowing the
ocean to cast him away
and let his consciousness
sail away
into the great beyond.

The rough water and seas
have now torn the ship apart.
It is now planks
of wood floating
in the sea.

Where is the sailor?
Did he overcome his doubts
and slim survival odds?

He allowed the ocean
of doubt to overtake
his thoughts.
He is sailing away
to the great beyond.

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