I was sitting on the beach today
Staring at the waves
Witnessing the beauty of nature
And I missed you
I was thinking about how you make me smile
How I make you laugh
How well we get along
And I missed you
You haven't really responded today
But I understand, life happens
I'm horrible with my phone, and we aren't together anyways
But I missed you
I had my palm face up in the water
Eyes closed, singing under my breath
As if I could call you to my side
When I missed you
The waves carried in this little shell
So natural, and beautiful, and perfect like you
As if the sea were offering condolences
That I missed you
That little shell reminds me now of you
And how I feel about you
How important you are
And how much I miss you
Someday, soon I hope, we'll meet again
I'll take you in my arms, hold you close
And I'll lean down and whisper in your ear
Darling, how I've missed you.

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