I'm tired of treading water in this ocean of pain
Struggling to keep my head above what's driving me insane,
I'm losing my faith and I don't know how to cope
I try to believe that things will change but I don't see any hope,
Safe to say the past few months have been more than a little rough
I'm surprised at my ability to carry on but maybe I'm not so tough,

Because old scars have been reopened- inadequacy, rejection, shame
I don't know how anything will ever be the same,
Because the wounds and flaws that I can no longer hide
Now shine in the sunlight by the oceanside,
My shadow's been exposed and it's not a pleasant sight
But my broken soul is not something to fight,

So if you can't accept my dark side
You might as well just go
I can mend a broken heart
And replace you with the space to grow,
Maybe I'll find a way out of this
It sure would hurt to lose you
But I'm already feeling like I'm on my own,
I know we weren't expecting
Such a bumpy ride
But how much do I mean to you?
That's for you to decide.

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