The waves,relentless
as they collide against the rocks;
Pounding surf, foaming spray, salty-wind,
reflections of skylight~
Whirling turbulence,
constant motion..My Pacific Ocean...
Even as I stand watch,
the skyline changes;
fading,spilling through the cloud's,
in amber rays or silvery haze...
And my heart soar's
with the Seagull's,
sailing high or low,
lifted by the wind beneath their wings.
They leave traces of etching's in the dampened sand,
skirting the waves,
as the tiny sandpiper's do,
racing their shadow's to the shore,
then running back for more...
There's a timeless beauty,
in combination's of wind and sand and sea,
of sun and clouds...
There's a depth of love the waves cannot contain,
and so the eternal-dance goes on and on,
in consummation of tides,
as land and sea come together,
then drift apart,
in the swelling pulse-beat of my heart...

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