One day, I will fall in love and it will be priceless.
All the pretty little leaves that twirl down from the trees
made up of painfully eccentric colors.
Red, orange, yellow.
The grass will turn brown
and the days of shoving crisp autumn air down my throat
will be over with.
Snow will oscillate down in swaying motion.
Gravity will bring the flakes
to the tip of my tongue,
and melt like butter.
My eyes peel open from months of hibernation
and spring has finally sprung.
The rain splashes against my window sill
and the trees have regrown their beautiful lush green leaves.
The sky is a somber gray and there's not one word
that I could say, describes this contentful feeling.
As the rain drops slither down my rooftop
I can't help but fall asleep
to the soft pitter patter on my ceiling.
I take a deep breath to fill my lungs,
steamy humid air enters and exits my nasal cavities.
The fireworks boom vitiating my ear drums,
and excite my eyes with a full spectrum of colors.
I listen closely to the hums and bangs
as gunpowder shoots across the sky.
That's when my eyes met his. And the fireworks seemed to fly for us.
"That guy" I whispered, "That guy."

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