I want to be with you all of the seasons of your life.
I want to be there through your Winters where there is no growth,
when it all feels cold and dark.
I will be a polar sun, breaking through your overcast January skies;
warming you and lighting your way.
I will be the tempering breeze that blows in your Springtime;
when you are blossoming in that same way that the cherry trees do;
the showers that fall, welcoming new buds of inspiration to form.
In your summers I will be hazy days; feelings of comfort
as you lie beneath those golden rays.
The heat that permeates in the humid night air.
And in your Fall? The Autumn, when progress begins to slow down
and all that you have worked for has dropped by the wayside;
I will be the sense of magic in the air and the smell of cloves
and home when you watch as your days become darker.

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