Second Chance

Trust-to you, there is no meaning,
so just stomp down on my heart.
Your lies that I continue believing
are slowly tearing me apart.
All the promises that you've made
were easily broken and crushed.
The meaning of loyalty soon will fade;
you're taking advantage of my trust.
Once again, you break my heart,
no more stitches remain.
As your girl, I did my part,
but your too selfish to do the same.
So I question myself:why should I stay,
when I know that you're not through?
With the lies and the accusations and the promises that are fake,
you're cutting my mind into two.
I love you so much, and I thought it was true-
but now question marks fill my mind.
You've showed me the selfish and disgusting part of you,
I feel that I'm wasting my time.
I did nothing for you but give you my all,
and I expected you to do the same.
I changed my life, and for you, I'd fall;
but to you, this is just a game.
So here I am with another chance,
hoping you won't do the same.
And if you do, I swear to myself
that we will not remain.

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