Second Chance

Jacobwi early life was very dreadful
his parents dying made it even more painful
to all the world he was very hateful
torturing others was rather more tasteful
but one torture didn't end too nicely
against him was all of society
capital punishment was his new necessity
now laying on his death bed, breathing heavily
awaiting for this malicious person, he did patiently
as the poisonous needles went through his arm
more and more he felt more alarmed
as he took his last breath, he felt that it was over

safety was inserted as his life was exhorted
but the effect of the needled were wrongly aborted
and again Jacobwi arose and with new life he was comforted
and finally now he began to comport
he arose and went about with a new mind
his old life would forever stay behind
and his new life he would forever enhance
because he gracefully, mercifully given a second chance

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