Second chance at happiness

Happiness lies in my heart
no matter what goes on outside
it's all about what one feels inside
that's where i always start.

all the ills that have infested my way
like a bull i fight back strong as ever
while others sat back and told me never
my inner strength they couldn't sway.

happiness is the one who stands
beside me in my corner,
everyone believed i was a goner.
bringing me back, she held my hands

happiness is a second chance at life
soaking in all the miracles that matter,
the rising sun, a light rain's patter,
flowers, the oceans and the love for my wife.

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This Poems Story

I had a heart attack, not much hope from the doctor that i would survive. My wife was the only one that thought differently. And that kept me around for awhile longer, when a nurse came in on her day off, saw my situation and started barking out instructions. Whatever she did, i came around. So if my wife didn\'t delay my inevitable, the nurse would not have been able to save me..