It takes a matter of seconds for everything to change.
For everything to rearrange, fall into place.
Just yesterday I was happy,
with the biggest smile upon my face.
Today it feels as though the whole world is spinning,
losing a battle that I've been fighting to continue winning.
I think the pain is starting to sink in,
lately I've been having a hard time breathing.
Deep down inside my heart is screaming,
I'm slowly losing everything I started to finally believe in.
Take a deep breathe and slowly let it out,
seconds pass by and turn into a new day.
Today, I am happy and things are finally going my way,
A genuine smile lights my face.
This life is up to you,
the decisions you make the moments that you choose.
The battle is yours, to win or to lose.
Learn not to live a life with doubt and most importantly,
make every second count.

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