Secret Fire

Keep trying to get into my head and bring me down,
your discouraging words don't bother me now.

The more you speak, the more it ignites
the fire inside that gives me the fight.

Slander and doubt me, I encourage it.
Soon enough, you will see what it did.

Slowly, but surely my fumes will fly.
Uncontrollable, no more keeping it inside.

Set your tongue free and say what you need to say,
blind it to the fueled fire that it awaits.

Hurry and get out your snide remarks!
You hold the match to the fire that's about to start.

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This Poems Story

This poem is for the underdog who was constantly told by others that "you weren't good enough". This is how to use the negative words to motivate you and prove those people wrong. Use their words to ignite YOUR fire!