Secret of ‘The Secret’

Wondering while sitting that afternoon,
It was the month of June.
Thoughts were hitting like a typhoon,
I wanted to scrutinise every thought,
Wanted to apply them soon.

So many dreams and so much to achieve,
I wanted all the power as much as I can perceive.
I summon the Universe,
To recover from much worse.
‘The Secret’ that I have known and read,
Which I wanted to own and adapt.
To make amendments and to atone,
To get myself that magnificent throne.

This magical book has so much to say,
Communicating and Confronting the Power of Pray.
Prayers build thoughts,
And “Thoughts become things”,
This small process lead to magical beginnings.

Thought is a major key to “Law of Attraction”,
Thought can make your desires into action.
Thought is the cause for everything,
A dominant thought can help in achieve anything.

“Your wish is my command” says the Universe,
‘I am’ , ‘I can’ ,’I will’ ,are those exclusive words.
Universe gives you whatsoever you say,
Replace all negations to reach your pathway.
Because Universe is your Genie,
Your command is accepted even if its so tiny.

You don’t need to plead, just ask once,
And consider it done.
Believe you already have what you want,
And Universe will sway its magic wand.

So Think before thinking,
Because reality and thoughts are interlinking.

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