Secret Quiet Place

There is a place where sweet smelling pine trees blacken the hills.
In the depths of the woods a path is worn along the forest floor,
by horse thieves who once used the trail
The burdened soles of travelers now keep the well-worn path open.

Follow the beaten trail around a bend
aim for where the timber is the thickest;
see the trees sway, trunks bending forward,
branches open wide to burdened travelers.

Glide amongst them until they give way to the colossal boulder.
A slight turn to the right and ride the slope down,
to the trees gathered by the stream.
Cling to them and give in to their gentle tugging,
following them to the stream's edge.

A leap of faith unto the unmovable rock and peace.
Listen to the stream as it carries away the worries of the world;
toss in your own and watch them drift away.

The stream murmurs serenely and the trees whisper comfort,
surrounding the weary.
Rest here awhile in this secret quiet place.

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