We all have secrets so they say
Some may haunt us every day
Is yours big or is it small
Will it make you crumble make you fall
Should you hold your secret tight
Should you bring it to the light
Your secret does belong to you, but remember God knows too
So is a secret really safe, or will God tell on you
I hope you know the right thing to do
Should you let your secret go or hold it tight within your soul
Think about it for a while
letting go might bring a smile
Holding on clenches to your chest
think about what is really best
I don't know what others see
I think my secret is safe with me
I don't know. can I let go .can I let my secret flow
I think for now I may hold on and pray for God to make me strong
Well I wish you well in all you do and if your secret stays with you
I wish you peace your whole life through
May your secret have mercy on you.

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