I plant this evil and watched it grow
This friend I inherit that no one knows
We bare the same name and played the same game
And as for the future we have the same aim

Our reputations have its high and low
But if you asked me her name I will tell you I don’t know
We bond ourselves together
With a commitment that last forever

She is a lover of the dark
And her resting place in my heart
By planting the same seed
It causes us to meddled in each other misdeeds

I kept her from the exposure of the light
To preserved her in the darkest night
So no one can see and realized
The guilt there is to analyzed

It is all written on her face
Shining like a magic maize
But since we are both the same
I refused to let the world know her name

Nothing would be the same
If the world acknowledge us and see our shame
What reason a man remain to the world as a closed book?
So no one can read his pages
To know details kept inside for ages

Untold stories are buried treasure
Never to be discover
But left alone and not interfere
Till destiny have it recover

Necessary evil can becomes a man reliability
But bind them to oneself can become your darkest destiny
Good friends are friends without a Judas kiss
But this one will I keep I tell her name with a twist it is called ’’ secrets’’

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we all kept things to ourselves even for years until it endanger our own soul