Secrets In Sand

How do you hide a secret?
A secret so obvious,
A secret so noticeable,
A secret so conspicuous
How many times can you deny a secret
until you convince them it isn't true?
until you believe it isn't real?
Until you no longer feel it weighing on your every thought?

Where do you bury a secret?
A secret that consumes you,
A secret that erases every other aspect of you,
A secret that breaks you down until your nothing

Secrets get buried everywhere
in your mind
in your heart
in your soul

But if you think about it, most secrets are buried in sand
No matter how deep down you bury it
no matter how hard you try to keep it there
no matter how long it remained unnoticed, undisturbed,undiscovered
no matter how many years it went undetected
When the waves hit the shore, it wont be buried anymore
but in the end, you will be able to live again

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