Sedative of Politics

Agony and pain at its climax
And no one remembers to say merry Christmas
Things seem so difficult now
That one might regret ones birth and begin a count down

The thirst for entitlement places us in the theater of war
And every one crying at the wailing wall
Shattered hopes with fragile flight
And tunnels subsumes all light

At the theater of a bisected history
With colonialism and its best advisory
There we lie helpless infused with sedatives of politics
And our minds dead to any form of critics

Ourselves we accented saying "take it all!"
Now we are left with no choice than to face it all
Religion we subscribe to as a way out
And our heads fashioned to dogmas inside out

To whom do we put our blame in this dilemma?
Is it Salewa, Chidinma or Yerima
One love, one heart we claim
But yet we treat each other with disdain

Inefficiency walking in four legs
And to get anything done one needs legs
We proclaim! violence, corruption, and other vices
And our cry against crisis only leads to further patches

In this theater we lie battling for survival
And we are infused with sedative of political revival
No pain no gain as become a watch word
Yet with all our pain we have little or no place in the world

Here I am to do your will they say
But only come and ride on their wheel all day
Our faith now on flight with no assurance of a successful landing
Resources are hoarded and problems linger in lands and housing

Haba Father!
Will this generation continue to suffer?
The time of reckoning comes closer
Yet the beauty of the gown is in the hands of the town.

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This Poems Story

The poem critics the way politics is practiced, rather than promote peace, it promotes looting, corruption, theft and other vices, thus, leaving the mass in an impoverished state, in poverty.