What do other people see?
How can your opinion be so different from me,
Where you see a omnipotent criminal syndicate,
Who's focus on world domination is immanent,
I see a peaceful people,
A regal people,
Someone who's beliefs are in need of a sequel,
Who's gleeful beliefs,
Drowned out by the upheaval of people who don't understand,
Who don't care too, just make demands,
What do other people see?
Where some may see a bum,
A dirty street con sittin' in the slums,
You or I may see a veteran,
A man who fought for our countries betterment,
A man who deserves every bit of reverence,
But who's past is leaving him in a state of degenerate,
A festering disease, causing a sweltering feeling,
Unable to stop himself from surrendering to his condition,
It's breaking and entering on his strong mind,
And I ask myself,
What does he see?

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