TITLE: The Meaningful Purpose of a Purposeless Existence

To the utter permanent endless unknowing
All those wicked seed I’m sowing
The seed of man will yield a poison fruit
The danger that’s becoming an uneducated fool
The most dangerous without a cause
Will reveal the most dangerous of flaws

By the push of a button, a swing of a sword
Or even worse the danger of the written word
People fall and people die by such hellish actions
By the flight of the great hellions will bring forth down fire

The sword of hate and contempt you thought was a sham
Hell, is overburdened with the blood of the damned
I must stand in line waiting for my turn to be judged
Tight these lines are I can’t even nudge
Getting closer as the fire burns hotter

A mere taste of eternity to come
Living a life so recklessly this is what I’ve done
Screams and aguish is what I’m hearing
Hotter flames burn flesh and smell with the sounds of flesh searing
Begging, pleading, scratching, gripping, bargaining, hoping is what’s coming out of these damned souls
Trying to escape judgement calling out to God, but God has turned his shoulder cold

Inch by inch moving closer and closer to witness horror not knowing its true face before
The absence of a life lived in shame that’s your final score
A zero in every sense of the word the only one unadorned
To suffer as you lived life a walking disease upon the face of the deep
Taking on the pain that you left upon the world is what you seek

Over and over again I will suffer for my transgressions
For as I’m in hell I abandon all hope for here it doesn’t exist
Hope is a hollow word and means as much as the dirt beneath my feet
The cockroaches hold higher value than hope even me
For the cockroaches have a purpose where as I squandered mine.

This is where I stay until I’m destroyed by a greater hand
Walking upon the hot scolding sand
With the freezing wind on my back
I am alone in the coldness and the fire
Seeing heaven high above and knowing I’ll never get any higher

That in itself is hell to be cast out
Alone with certainty that freedom is unobtainable
Satan has told me without a doubt
For this is my new station my new purpose
To suffer and pay and give others peace

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