See The Light

We must journey back thousands of years
Yes, to witness when faith was true
then We will remember the almighty Jah
and thereby come to know that Our any and everythang won't do.
For the laws of Jah hadn't changed
so it's no glory in all this playing pretend
therefore We all better get most real
by forsaking these wrong ways and Be in haste towards true amends.
it is only Jah who created the 1 truth
as well as His heaven and earth
it's just Jah who created death
likewise, He's the author of the 2nd birth.
You see,All peoples it's Our ways
that We must with Jah get Ourselves in tune
let not anyone be in doubt about Justice arriving
Yes,could Be later as well can Be soon.
Humans,You mustn't get too comfortable
No,not in this world which must surely disappear
All hearts should focus on the lord of hosts Jah
the One God who We must love, obey and fear.
Believe We,even in all the disasters
We will know that only Jah is in full control
though this world may rob some of Us
trust that only Jah can return what's been stole.
We must seh Jah created the day
and it's just Jah who created the night
for the great many refusing to acknowledge the 1 creator
it is with absolute certainty most in this world don't yet See The Light! Amen

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