See the Light

I wonder how many beautiful Sunsets like this I’ve missed?
I bet it’s in the millions
I’ve lived in the dark for a long time
But now I’m like a blind person with a bionic eye
I see the light
They finally fixed my broken retinas!
It’s restoring Life after I thought my chances were dead
It’s a new look at every day
Destiny come be my new friend
Let’s work together to get new things achieved
But destiny says you have a disease
You can’t do things of such great strength
With every bad outcome, there is always also a good
It’s how the Universe works, balancing out lives like yin & yang
So destiny is really a matter of choice
We can start living once we die
Determination will free us from the gates of Hell
Because not all of us were led to Heaven
Some of us were led to the depths of demons
Angels had to rescue us from the darkest of homes
A bad society made our character a lot less wholesome
We lived Summer like it was as cold as our Winters
There’s a point in-between being rescued & living that’s like purgatory
We’ve lived, and we’ve died, but will we live again to see another glory?
The angels are trying to decide
They’re walking with you on the mountainside
Do you have the will to live?

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