See Through Your Darkness

Your twinkling eyes as they sparkle,

Light up like the death of a star.

Illuminating the darkness within you.

Can't you see how wonderful you are?

If i lend you my eyes for a moment

To see yourself as only I do,

Maybe then you'd start to understand,

You from my point of view.

You touched my life like no other.

In way I never could've thought.

Humbly before I say thanks once again

Because some things just can't be bought.

You've kind, generous and loving.

But you've always been that way to me.

So when we found each other again,

You gave me hope of what love could be.

I know my flaws are many.

My wrongs definitely outweigh my rights.

You only fail if you ever give up.

So for our love I'll stand and fight.

But like the breath that fogs a window,

I watch something slowly fall apart.

Opposites should compliment each other.

I'm your light as you are my dark.

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Key Words : friendship, self-worth, love

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This Poems Story

This is a poem I wrote for a friend I cared for very much that just couldnt see the value within himself