See You Soon

This poem is you and me.
No rhyme or reason
no clear start, no end in sight.
A rambling emotional recollection of the feeling I wake up with
every day
and fall asleep with
every night.
If hearts could talk, mine would sing your name.
Instead it beats a Morse code pattern on repeat.
I don't even know Morse code.
I don't quite remember the transition between falling for you
and falling with you
asleep. In your bed.
Waking up with numb arms and groggy heads;
waking up happy.
Looking in my rear-view mirror at you waving goodbye,
but not really goodbye.
"See you soon."
Because goodbye is too pessimistic.
Too finite.
Everything in this world is so finite.
But I swear if one thing could be infinite,
it would be you and me.
You and I?
I don't know, I've never been very good at grammar.

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