I dance among the wind!
I fumble in the breeze!
I travel the world!
I meet many people
I see so many things.
I love the views!
The air, oh to be free!!
My life has never been.
Yet, I’m alive so wondrously.
The lives I touched, silent at first.
Green for many months.
I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.
But those blue waters called!
They brought me out of my cage and sailed away.
I would apologize for the graves, those cold things- in vain.
I grow so much more. The pain, the broken dreams.
But it was your kind that opened my eyes.
Away and afar, I’m no longer stuck in the jar!
Why are you all in a box? Come out.
The only thing you can do.
Wear the mask.
I can’t wait to wear you!

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