By Stacy Kim

Seed says, "I don't know what I am doing,
it is just a normal and boring day."
Then, he falls down the sink and keeps rolling.

Full of excitement, Seed is giggling and laughing.
"I love going on a scary ride, yay!"
He tumbles down and asks himself, “Where am I going? What am I doing?"

He is lost inside a drainpipe, but soon, he hears Water coming.
Water giggles too and sweeps Seed away.
Now they are best friends and together they are rolling!

Feeling much more relaxed; they are still inside the drainpipe, happily rolling.
Seed and Water are rolling down towards a waterway!
They see the river, but they ask each other, “Where are they going and what are they doing?”

The sight of the river astonishes them but they keep moving.
Two of them meet another friend called Duck, and they say “Yay!”
Duck brings only Seed onshore, and again Seed is rolling!

Duck is watching Seed carefully, but why is he watching?
Duck thinks Seed is a piece of chocolate and says, “Yay!”
Duck eats Seed and poops, but what is Seed doing?
Seed becomes a beautiful flower, and there will be no more rolling!

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