Seed to a Flower

Once a seed, next day a flower
Each and every person grows every hour.
As for me, growing physically is something I lack
But inside I grow and build up a mental experience plaque.

The people around me, the community I live in
Tries to help me, and grows from what they’ve been.
Individualism, something that I try to improve everyday.
Holding many emotions within me I must convey.

Trying to stand out in a crowd can be tough,
Many students and teens struggle, it is rough.
But gaining experiences as I go changes my personality,
Allowing me to shape my own reality.

Knowledge is the key to many freedoms,
But freedom is also the key to knowledge museums.
Crafting cluttered cognition into words,
Changes the way I want to be heard.

Into the future, I try to see,
The endless possibilities for me.
The aspirations that I have for myself when I go out
Will fuel me to work harder and have no doubts.

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