On the same particular day in late October, two birds on opposite sides of the country plucked a seed off a flower and flew it to a grassy field in the North. One of the birds seeds came from a beautiful sunflower. The sunflower was a bright yellow, surrounded by fields of golden brother and sisters. The bird flew the sunflower seed over lands not many have the privilege of seeing. The seed saw rolling mountains, bountiful villages, many forests and fields of red and purple. The sunflower seeds travel was pleasant and full of love. The second birds seed came from a lone rose in a cracked pot on an old back porch. The bird flew the rose seed over lands only seen in nightmares. The seed saw burning woodlands, polluted ponds, roofless homes and fields full of waste. The rose seeds travel was gruesome and devastating. Both birds dropped their seeds in the grassy field just minutes apart, never crossing paths or knowing of each other's existence. The seeds planted themselves in the same soil, knowing nothing of the other. The birds had no clue of what they just created. They began to expand their routes toward each other, explaining their travels through dirt and stones in their path. Once their roots finally touched, they began to sprout. They fed off of the same soil, drank from the same rain water. There were days of thunder and lightening strikes, then days of sunlight and warmth; no matter what the weather they continued to grow . They grew and grew until they finally bloomed into the beautiful flower they made each other become. One did not solely depend on the other, but instead they depended on their "together". These two flowers lived their lives with strength shown in its petals but woven together in its roots. Growth with another is love, and love is created in the most unlikely of places. Trust your roots. Help each other to bloom.

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