Seeing beyond

"Seeing beyond"
Coming upon my travels,
I find a sweet spot in front of a cemetery overlooking a cotton field.
Decided to sit a spell and talk amongst the forgotten ones of the past.
The sunrise peaks over the fields of white and glistens on the cold marble bench I sit upon, as the shadows slowly creep back into the Earth.
The orchestra of Mother Nature is the true rhythm of my soul;
As I connect with the ancient ones decaying down below.
Some come as they see the light within me, while others just cringe and slithered back into the dark abyss.
The veil has been lifted from my empty shell for my awakening has come full circle.
Existence of my being is to see beyond the boundaries of no return.
Time stands still for me here as I listen to the drums beating of the past which in turn becomes the future of humanity.
My presents fades away like a ripple in a pond.
Echoes of time vibrates throughout the universe.
I sit watching this iridescent sky as my life flickers one last time, and wonder why folks are so afraid of what death can become,
But for me, living was the hardest lesson one human being cannot overcome.

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