Seeing In The Red

I am the bull, digging my hoof into the dirt
eyes forward, head lowered so my horns are prevalent for all to see
Feeling the pulse inside, beating so intense, racing
letting out my cries for help, but no one comes
For this is my fight, mine only

My head raises and I see you
Cloaked by your appearance
waving that red flag in my face
Can’t help but lure, like a siren
mysterious, yet dangerous

Time and time again I charge
To me the flag isn’t red, for I am color blind
Fallen under spell, giving to a default
How do we escape,
the taste of toxic can be so sweet,
then sour leaves a stench in your mouth

For you are not my company, I am yours
but your misery cannot belong to anyone else
You, you are the matador, and always will be
wearing others down, to serve your purpose

The adrenaline continues, eyes locked
Ready to run, but then, you smile
not like any normal smile, one that pierces my soul
makes me feel nothing, it is in the nothing
I find something

An awakening
The charge is on, once more running to you
this time, coming to a halt, I lower my horn
to pierce your heart
A heart that is good, nonetheless,
lacks honesty

Instead, I pause, look you straight in the eye
mine now red as blood
For I am finally able to see
You watch me walk away
For this fight, isn’t mine,
and I choose me.

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