Seeing Tomorrow in Forever

Everything I say is stupid
Whatever I do is done wrong
Can't prove how much I care for you
I fake a smile to move things on
Words expressed are words wasted
Time together feels so lonely
Counting down how long I've waited
For you to let me in completely
Want to feel the reassurance
No more doubts in my head
Every thought of me and you
Reminds me of three words you said
That tiny phrase that means so much
Uttered softly into my ear
Around me becomes hazy to the eyes
All because of three words I hear
Seems to be nothing more than an illusion
Can't separate reality from my dreams
But to be without you for even a moment
Is to imagine a love that never redeems
I fear the day if we ever grow apart
I never want you to hate me
But the thing I fear the most
The thought I haven't missed you lately.

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