seeing you

I see you in everything I do
" I saw you again.
I keep seeing you.
I'm always looking for you.
where are you?
it's like you appeared and then all of a sudden you were gone.
it was the unexpected times that my heart skipped a beat.
The sight of you, was the sight of not just...any human being.
you made an impact on me and my feelings, but you have no idea how much so let me try my best to explain this all.
As far as I know, this might be a one way feeling but you taught me to be fearless.
I can tell you...that you surprised me and you even scared me a little.
you laughed with me, shared stories with me and asked me some of the most poetic questions that I couldn't seem to answer.
It's like you knew that I had a thousand answers but couldn't pick the right one to say. I kept going back and forth and through loops trying to explain each one to you.
you knew I was movement.
you knew I was captured time.
you knew I was words in lines.
you knew I was all about patterns.
you knew, deep down you knew I was daring to be different.
In your eyes, I found that I'm unpredictable.
I pictured the future of what our friendship could be and I saw all good things.
you said "lean on me"
I saw you in the sky.
I kept seeing you in the clouds.
I'm always looking for you on sunny days and rainy ones too.
where are you?
you hid in the green grass, the flowers that are soon to bloom, the rusty old tree leaves decomposing into the ground, and the reflection of puddles that was rain that fell down.
the sunset was colors of pink and blue, all I thought to myself was how lucky I was to have you. In this life, you were so bright...that you shined through any darkness.
I saw the elements in you.
you had water flowing through your veins, air in your lungs, earth in your bones and fire in your soul.
you were alive and you made others around you feel that constant vitality.
can't you see?
I saw you in everything.
I saw you because without you, I couldn't see. "
-seeing you ( number twenty-four, laj)

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