Seek, in Me Peace You Shall Find

Run not after glory, riches, and fame
These you shall soon leave forever behind
As fiery flames your body doth consume
You will be mere dust, and all shall be in vain

The silks, the gold, the materials super fine
Will soon another living body adorn
Melodious bells, and scent of the jasmine white
Will no longer reach your ears, nor please your seeking eyes

Daughter, son, friend, and husband you hold so dear
From their memory one day you too will fade
Hours and days, you spent in toil and play
No lasting trails of fire did your actions blaze!

Awake! My daughter, awake before it's too late
Still the clamor of your myriad thoughts and ways
Hold only ME in your heart, soul, and mind
Seek and in ME peace everlasting find!

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